Judgement Day: Fashioning Masculinities

JUDGEMENT DAY: Fashioning Masculinities

Sneak peek at the book via this link to the Blurb website here

I worked with some photographers and essayists to explore the subject of alternative masculine fashion and styles.  Grace Moon (Editor-in-Chief of Velvet Park: Dyke Culture in Bloom) provided a foreward to the book contemplating “the portrait” in art history terms. London-based filmmaker Campbell X shared her thoughts about “reclaiming stud flamboyance” in an essay about exploring gender and claiming pride through her ethnic heritage and observations of the streets.  Fashion designer Schquay Brignac makes hand-tailored clothing for studs and shares her thoughts in interview format. Tania Hammidi wrote the introductory essay, “Engaging the Sartorial” about what it might mean to be a “dressed body.”

The photographers in the book bust out of the seams in style and elegant portraits of queer masculine significations. Photographer Love Ablan took her models in the studio into the intimate playfulness of her camera lens, producing 8 portraits of Los Angeles-based masculine folks with a performative edge.  The colors of light in Ablan’s images begin the visual songs of the book. Leon Mostovoy took street portraits of 9 guys whose style does not just claim trans male identity, but also celebrates it in refined threads of geography and motion.  Photographer Lola Flash shared 8 portraits in a series called “surmise” which captures the in-between spaces of rigid categories of gender and race. The images starkly articulate both photographic histories of “the portrait” and gentle, playful manifestations of presence.


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